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This 2-Day Virtual Event

Exposes "How To Turn Your YouTube Channel Into


Using Simple, Easy To Create Videos

(Without Needing A Huge Channel Or A Ton Of Content!)"

November 2nd & 3rd, 2022 (Virtual!)

(Grab Your Ticket, It Takes Less Than 1 Minute!)
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The struggle to 
scale and the need 
for leads. If you 
want to fuel your business growth 
with consistent, 
HOT LEADS ON DEMAND then this event 
was designed 
for you! 

The impulse entrepreneurs sometimes have the idea that they can ‘win’ the content game by filming every detail of their lives and being a switched-on ‘influencer’ 24 hours a day. That’s the highway to burnout not the royal road to wealth!

We’ll show you 
exactly how our 
system operates 
and how to 
set-it up in 
your company 
so you can turn on 
the lead faucet 
and fill your funnel 



The struggle to scale and the need for leads. If you want to fuel your business growth with consistent, qualified 
HOT LEADS ON DEMAND then this event was designed for you! 


The impulse entrepreneurs sometimes have the idea that they can ‘win’ the content game by filming every detail of their lives and being a switched-on ‘influencer’ 24 hours a day. That’s the highway to burnout not the royal road to wealth!


We’ll show you exactly how our system operates and how to set-it up in your company super-quickly so you can turn on the lead faucet and fill your funnel ASAP! 

Event Schedule


Day 1 & 2: November 2nd & 3rd, 2022

9am - 5pm MST

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November 4th, 2022

DAY 1:  Feb 2nd, 2022

  • How to turn your content into marketing (cause you can’t deposit likes and followers in your bank account)
  • ​The Marketers Video Scripting Formula For Creating Lead-Friendly Videos

DAY 2: Feb 3rd, 2022

  • The Transformation Is In The Transaction: Unlocking The Guru-Hidden Cashflow System Strategy For Ascending Leads From Hello To High Ticket
  • The battle-tested YouTube formula for converting cold viewers into loyal evangelists of your brand at an insanely above rate
  • ​Captivating Content To Predictable Cashflow: All Yellow Brick Roads Lead To High Ticket
How Much More Revenue Could You Generate This Year, By Simply 3x-ing Your Daily LEAD Flow? 
During Day 1 & 2 of Lead Machine Live, you’ll find out how to get exclusive access to this BONUS VIP Day for no extra charge! Attend the live sessions for the secret instructions to get your invite to “closed door” advanced sessions with Steve & Marley and special guests!
 Advanced Training:
"The ‘Underground’ Organic Traffic System Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Discover..."
 Exclusive Round Table:
"Ask Them Anything" Q&A session with Marley’s and Steve's top VIP clients!

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"Content ≠ Marketing"


"Oh, Danny Boy" wakes up ready to sell his new product...

He knows getting attention is the first step to selling, and that content creation is part of any internet business...

Following the gurus, he paces around thinking of a cool lesson he learned yesterday...
Opens his phone...

And begins to "riff" out a YouTube video...
30 minutes goes by and Danny Boy ends his video, and starts the same routine...
1. Airdrop to computer
2. Open video editor
3. Add the intro and outro clips
4. Balance the sound
5. Export in several sizes
6. Upload to YouTube
7. Publish
8. Announce the new video on Facebook
9. Reply to the comments
10. Open page stats to track the optins...
... Crickets

But he's doing it! Danny Boy grins at the challenge and repeats the same process "till-death-to-us-part" with no true leadflow coming from his content online...

(All the while the cat video next door just got another million views)

Why is Danny's story so familiar?

Because "RIFFING" is not a marketing plan...
Because not all "sales noise" is created equal...

Because of the fundamental truth that Content ONLY Equals Marketing WHEN a LEAD or SALE happens...

Said another way, 
Marketing is TRACKED by leads and sales,
Not "Likes" "Subscribes" "Shares" or "Comments"...

Who cares. 
You can't cash vanity metrics...

'Lead Machine Live' is more than a YouTube strategy, that's easy and many do it already...

It's about controlling LeadFlow!
And in ANY business, if you control leads, you control the game...

Controlling LeadFlow = Controlling business

Lead Machine Live will show you how to use FREE YOUTUBE to create daily leadflow that you can turn up or down, based on your needs...

It's like learning how to use a kitchen faucet for the first time. 

Come to 'Lead Machine Live' and learn how to build a faucet for your LeadFlow!

We even made this thing as close to FREE as possible!

"Steve, Marley, Why Is The Event So Cheap?"

So you can come check us out! 

And because we know that if you get a taste of the SECURITY and GROWTH that comes from controlling your own LeadFlow 

(instead of giving money to Zuckersucker, Zucker-verse, Zuckercider...?) you'd see that this is really the only true skill you need to grow your revenue using the internet...

🔑 And it doesn't require that you have an existing following, a big channel, or existing fame!!! (yup, we've done this with total newbs: millennials and boomers alike)
Great question future lead-slayer, 
just click the massive green button that says, "Reserve Your 2-Day Ticket Now", put your best email in, complete the quick checkout... Done.

Now you have a ticket, and we will send out your custom link before we start on November 2nd, 2022 @9am MST...

Come learn how to turn YouTube into your own personal leadgen service 
...your mom did ... nice lady!!!

Steve and Marley

Meet your hosts


Marley Jaxx

Over the past 6 years, I’ve dedicated my business to helping visionary entrepreneurs use the power of YouTube to generate sales for their business. I’ve consulted for agencies, several million dollar companies, and many startup businesses. I’ve even worked with industry legends like Daymond John, Cristy Code Red, Steve Larsen, Alex Charfen, and Ray Higdon. 

But in all my time in the digital media space, I have NEVER seen anything quite like what we’re seeing online right now. 

In a world where virtual is the new normal, entrepreneurs and influencers are flocking to YouTube in record numbers and putting a megaphone to their message. They’re publishing their faces off in hopes that YouTube is the missing piece that their businesses need to succeed.

There’s just one problem: 
They’re doing it all wrong. 

YouTube is not your average, run-of-the-mill social media platform. In fact, it isn’t a social media platform at all. 

In order to influence massive audiences through video, ascend your viewers into customers, and scale to 7 figures… 

You need strategies that are specific to YouTube and proven to work. 

During Lead Machine Live, I want to give you the plug-and-play tools, strategies, and support you need to not just gain visibility through video… but ascend your audience all the way from YouTube to high ticket. 

This isn’t your typical event that teaches you into oblivion and then leaves you to implement for yourself… 

In fact, we’re implementing every step of the way - giving you the exact steps you need to ensure 7 figure cashflow from YouTube alone!


Steve J Larsen

I’m an 8-figure business owner that’s been through the “failed online product ringer” a time or two.

In fact, failed products were the bane of my existence... 

Who endures 34 product failures in a row over 5 years...?
(is that stubborn, or smart? ha)

I’d wake up at the dawn of day…

Trying to furiously get my own offers off the ground…

Working several hours before my “9 to 5” even started…

Then I’d race to work so I could start my “real job.” 

It wasn’t until my 34th failed product attempt that I realized...

It's all about solving the traffic problem...


And the stronger the leadflow, the WORSE a person could be at sales, closing, internet-everything, etc...


Because they those that can increase their leadflow on demand have the ultimate product demand!

A “Funnel” Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg!

I discovered clarity around what most of us marketers struggle with...


What if I told you that you don’t have an offer problem…
A story problem…
Or even a funnel problem…

Better yet…

What if the only thing holding you back from:
• Getting an endless supply of free leads for your products
• Building a big list of buyers from complete scratch
• Making more sales in a month than most make in a year

Came down to one simple lead machine strategy...?

If you want to learn our proven “iceberg” strategy for daily leadflow (using FREE YOUTUBE)…

Then I wanna invite you to join Marley and I for Lead Machine Live...

November 2nd & 3rd, 2022 Is SOON!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
(Grab Your Ticket, It Takes Less Than 1 Minute!)

See what our clients have to say...

Wayne Lee

"Our first challenge we had a goal of having 20 people come on and we "accidentally" got 122. There's no accident to the fact that what we did with Marley's system led to having that many people jump on. A number of them went on to our higher ticket item and we made over $20,000 on our first challenge. It's a no brainer"

Dr. Lauren Duroy

“I came to Marley about 5 months ago and said I need to make this change in my life. I was struggling for a long time and was unable to scale. I needed to find that life work balance. Just last month I was presented with a $10,000/month award, working towards the $50,000/mo award - which is MIND BLOWING!”


Jim Riviello

"I made $32,000 from my first launch! $12,000 of which was from before it even started!"

Victor LaChica

"After the first call, with all the information she provided to us we were able to make $20,000 in that same week. We are over $100,000 since we started working with this system. Even this month we have made $50,000 and hopefully we can reach the goal of 100k per month"

Wayne Lee

"Our first launch we had a goal of having 20 people come on and we "accidentally" got 122. There's no accident to the fact that what we did with this system led to having that many people jump on. A number of them went on to our higher ticket item and we made over $20,000 on our first launch. It's a no brainer"

Sarah Peterson

"I wasn't sure how to create my message effectively since I was a team of one. Not only did I benefit from Marley's expertise but I also benefitted from having her team have my back. She made my value ladder fun again. I used to feel burdened and overwhelmed but now I feel empowered and know how to get everything done."

Chris Abbott

“I took the last 2k in my account to invest into this program and my company has completely changed. I ended up making $300,000 last year just from my YouTube Channel and just did another launch where we just crossed over $90,000 in monthly recurring revenue, all coming from YouTube!”

November 2nd & 3rd, 2022 Is SOON!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
(Grab Your Ticket, ItTakes Less Than 1 Minute!)

"Marley, Steve,

What Type Of Sales Match Well With Daily YouTube Leads?"

Well, Answer This Question:

"How Do You Currently Sell?"
"I Sell High-Ticket..."
"I Sell Mid-Ticket..."
"I Sell Low-Ticket..."
"I Sell And Ship A Physical Product..."
"I Sell A Service..."
"I Sell With An Online Order Form..."
"I Sell Over The Phone..."

What Your $47, Virtual Ticket Includes:

  • Virtual 2-Day Event Ticket
  • YouTube Lead Machine Checklist
  • Lead Machine, In-Event Workshop
  • ​Bonus VIP - Day 3 Invitation

Let Us Show You How To...


Got a message you want to get out to the world? We can show you how to create engaging, 
bingeable videos that attract eyeballs and build fanbases. 

Want to attract the kind of clients you love working with and who you can get amazing results for? We’ll show you how to attract and engage them with your channel.

Am empty sales pipeline = no money! We’ll show you how to use your videos alongside intelligent outreach to attract an endless supply of hot leads on demand. 

Don’t get stuck creating endless content for the sake of it! We can show you and your team how to get everything you need in just one day per month 
or less!  

Total Value:  $497 

ONLY $47!


November 2nd & 3rd, 2022

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds


(Grab Your Ticket, It Takes Less Than 1 Minute!)

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 Can I Sponsor This Event?

Yes! But spaces are limited. Besides you're being immortalized in this material, there are many benefits to Sponsorship.

 What are the dates for 'Lead Machine Live' Event?

November 2nd & 3rd, 2022 (+ a Free VIP Day 3 Invite on Friday, November 4th)

 What Is The Workshop Schedule?

9am - 5pm MST

 Can I bring a spouse or business partner?

Absolutely, but everyone needs their own ticket! Good news.. it's only $47! Every ticket holder will receive access links to the live sessions.

 Can I get a refund if I can’t attend the Live event?

No. It's only $47 and there will be a chance to purchase replays. All sales are final, and the Company does not offer any money-back guarantees. You recognize and agree that you shall not be entitled to a refund for any purchase under any circumstances.

 Will the replays be available?

Replays are available immediately, the next day following the end of the event and 7-day access to replays is available as an upgrade on the next page.

 Have other questions?

Contact support at Support@VIPLeadMachine.com 

Our Clients Get Amazing Results Using the Lead Machine Framework!


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