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Give Me ONE DAY And I’ll Give You The System To Turn Your Content Into A Daily HOT LEAD MACHINE


(Without A Recording Studio, Stressing over Ads, Or Constantly Launching Something New)

March 22nd (Virtual Encore Presentation!)

April 16 9am-5pm

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Event Details:


Entrepreneurs Who Want to Increase Daily Leads


Lead Machine Live, the proven strategies that will have your content generating leads on tap.


Virtually - Encore Presentation Streamed


Event: April 16, 2024 - 9am mst to 5pm mst (11am est - 7pm est)


'Cause Ad Costs & Performance Aren't Predictable,
'Cause Organic Doesn't Need To Be 'Slower' Than Ads,
'Cause You're Tired Of Creating Content With Mediocre Results'
'Cause Controlling Your Own Leadflow Is The True Key To Controlling Your Revenue Goals...


It's FREE. (At that $0 price, it would be crazy if you didn’t join us.)

This content will ONLY be delivered at Lead Machine Live Encore!

Pure Gold Event Schedule:

How to turn your content into cash
(because you can’t deposit likes and subscribers into your bank account)

Revolutionary Video Scripting Formula For…Creating “Bewitching” Videos
That Hypnotize Your Viewers Into Liking You, Trusting You And
Believing Your Product Is The Best Solution To Their Burning Problems…

The battle-tested formula for converting cold viewers into
loyal evangelists of your brand at
an insanely above average rate. 

How to Create Disruptive Content That Separates You From Your Competition
And Turns Your Into An Industry Icon

What The CURRENT Algorithm NEEDS From You (Long and Short term)
To Find Your Customers For You…

Turning Viewers Into High Ticket Or Recurring Buyers


1 Day Virtual Encore Event:

Tuesday, April 16th
9am mst - 5pm mst
(11am est - 7pm est)

How Much More Revenue Could You Generate This Year, By Creating Daily CONSISTENT LEAD FLOW
During Lead Machine Live Encore, we’ll reveal exactly how to scale your lead flow and turn your content into your very own “leads on tap” machine.

By the end of the event you’ll know how to leverage the key strategies to level up your daily leads, dazzle your audience with content done the disruptive (and effective) way, and rise above the sea of sameness where your audience literally can’t forget you. 

This is the exact strategy that exploded our audience growth (and sales). And now we're handing it over to you, on a silver platter, all for FREE. 

At that price, it would be crazy if you didn’t join us. 

April 16, 2024

(Grab Your Ticket, It Takes Less Than 1 Minute!)
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"Content ≠ Marketing"


"Oh, Danny Boy" wakes up ready to sell his new product...

He knows getting attention is the first step to selling, and that content creation is part of any internet business...

Following the gurus, he paces around thinking of a cool lesson he learned yesterday...
Opens his phone...

And begins to "riff" out a video...
30 minutes goes by and Danny Boy ends his video, and starts the same routine...
1. Airdrop to computer
2. Open video editor
3. Add the intro and outro clips
4. Balance the sound
5. Export in several sizes
6. Upload to a platform
7. Publish
8. Announce the new video on social media
9. Reply to the comments
10. Open page stats to track the optins...
... Crickets

But he's doing it! Danny Boy grins at the challenge and repeats the same process "till-death-to-us-part" with no true leadflow coming from his content online...

(All the while the cat video next door just got another million views)

Why is Danny's story so familiar?

Because "RIFFING" is not a marketing plan...
Because not all "sales noise" is created equal...

Because of the fundamental truth that Content ONLY Equals Marketing WHEN a LEAD or SALE happens...

Said another way, 
Marketing is TRACKED by leads and sales,
Not "Likes" "Subscribes" "Shares" or "Comments"...

Who cares. 
You can't cash vanity metrics...

'Lead Machine Live Encore' is more than a business content strategy, that's easy and many do it already...

It's about controlling LeadFlow!
And in ANY business, if you control leads, you control the game...

Controlling LeadFlow = Controlling business

Lead Machine Live Encore will show you how to use FREE content to create daily leadflow that you can turn up or down, based on your needs...

It's like learning how to use a kitchen faucet for the first time. 

Come to 'Lead Machine Live Encore' and learn how to build a faucet for your LeadFlow!

We even made this thing FREE to make sure you can attend, no excuses!

"Scott, Marley, Why Is The Free?"

So you can come check us out! 

And because we know that if you get a taste of the SECURITY and GROWTH that comes from controlling your own LeadFlow 

(instead of giving money to Zuckersucker, Zucker-verse, Zuckercider...?) you'd see that this is really the only true skill you need to grow your revenue using the internet...

🔑 And it doesn't require that you have an existing following, a big channel, or existing fame!!! (yup, we've done this with total newbs: millennials and boomers alike)
Great question future lead-slayer, 
just click the massive gold button that says, "Reserve Your FREE 1-Day Ticket Now", put your best email in, complete the quick checkout... Done.

Now you have a ticket, and we will send out your custom link before we start on March 11th, 2024 @9am MST... PLUS an additional VIP Intensive Session on March 12th at 9am MST (11am EST) when you Upgrade To VIP!

Come learn how to turn your content into your own personal leadgen service 
...your mom did ... nice lady!!!


Meet your hosts

Marley Jaxx


Over the past 6 years, I’ve dedicated my business to helping visionary entrepreneurs use the power of YouTube to generate sales for their business. I’ve consulted for agencies, several million dollar companies, and many startup businesses. I’ve even worked with industry legends like Daymond John, Cristy Code Red, Steve Larsen, Alex Charfen, and Ray Higdon. 

But in all my time in the digital media space, I have NEVER seen anything quite like what we’re seeing online right now. 

In a world where virtual is the new normal, entrepreneurs and influencers are flocking to CONTENT in record numbers and putting a megaphone to their message. They’re publishing their faces off in hopes that content marketing is the missing piece that their businesses need to succeed.

There’s just one problem: 
They’re doing it all wrong. 

In order to influence massive audiences through video, ascend your viewers into customers, and scale to 7 figures… 

You need strategies that are specific to converting content and proven to work. 

Scott Simson


With over 400,000 followers Scott Simson is the CEO of Raffiti Media, and is recognized as an expert at YouTube growth and creating online communities with video. He is responsible for helping generate hundreds of millions of views and millions of dollars in revenue both personally and for his clients. Scott has worked with big brands, such as, Amazon, HEB, Mattel, VTech and many others.

During Lead Machine Live, we want to give you the plug-and-play tools, strategies, and support you need to not just gain visibility through content… but ascend your audience all the way from your content to high ticket. 

This isn’t your typical event that teaches you into oblivion and then leaves you to implement for yourself… 

In fact, we’re implementing every step of the way - giving you the exact steps you need to ensure 7 figure cashflow from organic content alone!

An "Offer" and a “Funnel” won't work if your lead gen strategy sucks.

I discovered clarity around what most of us marketers struggle with...


What if I told you that you don’t have an offer problem…
A story problem…
Or even a funnel problem…

Better yet…

What if the only thing holding you back from:
• Getting an endless supply of free leads for your products
• Building a big list of buyers from complete scratch
• Making more sales in a month than most make in a year

Came down to one simple lead machine strategy...?

If you want to learn our proven “iceberg” strategy for daily leadflow (using FREE CONTENT)…

Then I wanna invite you to join us for Lead Machine Live Encore...

April 16th


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What Others Are Saying About Working With Us...


“I took the last 2k in my account to invest into this program and my company has completely changed. I ended up making $300,000 last year just from my YouTube Channel and just did another launch where we just crossed over $90,000 in monthly recurring revenue, all coming from YouTube!”


"Scott in my opinion is one of the best YouTube strategists and analysts really out there in the world! He has helped more people tons of subscribers, views, he knows how to build thumbnails that get clicks - he knows how YouTube works! I have my own YT channel and marketing agency where we help people with YouTube and SEO and when I’m stumped I call up Scott."


"From day 1 he has given me advice and strategies to help explode my business in a very short period of time. In fact, I was able to become monetized on YouTube in less than 3 months and my first check was over $1,200, it was incredible!"

Dr. Duroy

“I came to Marley about 5 months ago and said I need to make this change in my life. I was struggling for a long time and was unable to scale. I needed to find that life work balance. Just last month I was presented with a $10,000/month award, working towards the $50,000/mo award - which is MIND BLOWING!”


"He has worked extraordinary people in the community but what is even more impressive is his reputation which is why I work with him and I refer him to my clients as well who desire to start a YouTube channel."

Sid & Tiffany

"Based on mentorship and guidance from Marley Jaxx over the past year, my wife and I officially sold out our LIVE mastermind with only 1 presentation this week… The traffic on YouTube is blowing up and our lists are growling like crazy!"

Jim & Dave

"In just the last 7 months we went from 10k subscribers to now 40k subscribers, 150,000 views a month to now almost 600,000 views per month!"


"Scott is a master at his craft, and his abilities to teach and help people grow on YouTube are among the best I've ever seen. Because of Scott, I reached one million subscribers on one channel and started another channel that has surpassed 170,000 subscribers in a short amount of time. YouTube is a giant puzzle and Scott figured out how to put the pieces together."


“A few weeks ago Scott Simson gave me a few minutes of his time and did a Channel overview with me. Within minutes he spotted my obvious mistakes and course corrected me. Literally to the DAY he predicted when I would have View/Subscriber growth. [...]This is about a 400% increase for me in views and lead flow for my average videos. PLEASE follow his instructions and plug in to his training. THANK YOU SCOTT!”


"I’ve been on Youtube since 2014 and have worked with several people; however, I can say without a doubt that Scott is one of THE BEST. I consider him my secret weapon.

He understands the algorithm, content creation, and building a more massive presence on YouTube, but he also practices what he preaches. That alone is something hard to find in the current landscape." 

April 16th!

Can’t make it live?
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(Grab Your Ticket, It Takes Less Than 1 Minute!)

"Marley, Scott,

What Type Of Sales Match Well With Daily Leads From Content?"

Well, Answer This Question:

"How Do You Currently Sell?"
"I Sell High-Ticket..."
"I Sell Mid-Ticket..."
"I Sell Low-Ticket..."
"I Sell And Ship A Physical Product..."
"I Sell A Service..."
"I Sell With An Online Order Form..."
"I Sell Over The Phone..."


What? You’re NOT an expert creator? Not a problem!

   It doesn’t matter if you don’t have experience with this type of content…

The point is that… virtually NO ONE HAS EXPERIENCE with this NEW type of content.
Because it’s an unconventional way of doing things.

That’s exactly why you should join this workshop to start generating ready to buy leads consistently and become ICONIC.

  It doesn’t matter if your niche is very peculiar…

The DC approach worked in all kinds of niches and industries.
No exceptions.

One of our best clients is a pastor who helps churches get more people, think about that!

   It doesn’t matter if you’re not good on video…

I wasn’t good on video either.

But that’s something we’re going to cover during our workshop.

Being on video is a skill, just like marketing and entrepreneurship.

So if you have already acquired any of these, I’m 100% sure you can acquire this skill too!

    What's included in the VIP Ticket?

When you you get to the next page, be sure to select the VIP TICKET option. This will grant you access to all the session replays for 7 full days.

With A VIP Ticket You'll Get:
PLUS 7 Days access to the event recordings
PLUS a swag box sent directly to your home!

  It doesn’t matter if you DON’T have a production team…

You don’t need a massive team to create a good video!

Coffezilla, a 3M subs behemoth, created one of his most famous videos with the help of JUST 2 PEOPLE:
The DC approach is not really about the quality of the production, but more about how disruptive and bold your hook and video structure is.

During the workshop you will start your journey with the tools that I’ll give you… without having to rely on a massive production team.

    How Do I Get Access To The Virtual Event?

When you grab your ticket, for just FREE, we will email you a link to a private zoom invite where the event will be hosted.

Use your primary email address to join the event so you’ll be certain to see all communications!

You’ll receive the confirmation within 24 hours of joining. If it hasn’t shown up, please check your spam folder. 

   When Does The Event Start?

1-Day Virtual Encore Event:
April 16th @ 9:00 am mst (11pm est) and lasts until 5:00 pm mst (7pm est)

  What If I Can’t Make The Event? 

WHEN you upgrade to a VIP Ticket on the next page, you will have 7-day access to the entire day of replays. If you have any questions, please watch for instructions during checkout on how to upgrade to VIP status to get extra time with Marley & Scott for implementation!

   Are There Refunds? 

No, the event ticket is FREE. You have ample notice of the times and date of the Event as well as the option to gain access to the replay. If you have any questions please reach out via email:

  Any Other Questions? 

If you have a question we haven’t answered yet please get in touch with us via email:

Give Me Just ONE day and I'll Give You the System to Scale Your Lead Flow and Reach Timeless Authority...

(So That You Generate High-Paying Leads)

Effortlessly & Consistently!

Join the 1-Day Virtual Event: April 16th.

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